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10 months ago
Director: Okay, so in the start of the scene we’ll have you explaining the science in stretching as you grind on her. Just to make it seem more authentic!

Actor: okay, do you guys have a script I can read off of? Some notes or som-

Director: No, we thought you could just roll with it and it would be good. Ok? ACTION!

Actor: We’re still getting the muscles… GAINS. Get your protein shot. Our vessels are dilating!

Director: CUT! Ok, so… that was perfect.
3 months ago
Stop watching porn
Covid 69 11 months ago
Who writes this shit?
Forrest Gump?
I....u 11 months ago
I love it
paris 5 months ago
bro was making excuses js to fuck
11 months ago
I love it
5 months ago
Bro is the smartest in the world tho
Shitcock 3 months ago
Honestly the cum at the end was good and was worth it.
7 months ago
I love it
I love you 6 months ago
I love you